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what you will learn:

what you will learn:

  • What is content writing?
  • What is the difference between content writing and medical translation?
  • What are types of medical writing ?
  • What is SEO ?
  • How do you write an article with SEO?
  • Where do you get the right information?
  • Using some website as shatter stock and quil pot
  • Writing a wonderful article without any mistakes?
  • Storytelling, copywriting
  • How to use Wordpress?
  • Google andense and Alexa
  • How to be a professional video creator: some tricks?
  • How to make a graphical abstract?
  • How to read a research paper?
  • How to write a research paper?
  • Background in statistical analysis

To be professional clinical pharmacist and able to give patient counseling.

1. Supervisor of Clinical Pharmacy Department in Assiut University Liver Hospital of Al-Rajhy •

 2. Clinical and Academic Preceptor of clinical pharmacy students at Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University LIGHT THE 

3. Senior Clinical Pharmacist of: ➤ Gastroenterology and Tropical medicine. > Liver transplantation.


4. Lecturer of American Board Specialties of BPS. 

5. Lecturer of online courses in: Research design. Biostatistics. ➤ Drug information and drug literature evaluation. > Gastroenterology and hepatology. Laboratory Data interpretation. 

6. Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy. 

7. Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy (PharmD). 

8. Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist BCPS


 الكورس مؤهل لامتحان البورد
الامريكي في التغذية العلاجية دور ابريل ٢٤

شامل الشرح والمراجعه الشامله و بنوك الاسئله من الامتحانات السابقه

what you will learn:

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