To be professional clinical pharmacist and able to give patient counseling.

1. Supervisor of Clinical Pharmacy Department in Assiut University Liver Hospital of Al-Rajhy •

 2. Clinical and Academic Preceptor of clinical pharmacy students at Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University LIGHT THE 

3. Senior Clinical Pharmacist of: ➤ Gastroenterology and Tropical medicine. > Liver transplantation.


4. Lecturer of American Board Specialties of BPS. 

5. Lecturer of online courses in: Research design. Biostatistics. ➤ Drug information and drug literature evaluation. > Gastroenterology and hepatology. Laboratory Data interpretation. 

6. Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy. 

7. Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy (PharmD). 

8. Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist BCPS

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